The Inviting Sea

Learning is, almost always, amongst the holliest and purest of time allocations. We must know so very much to know we know nothing. Though schools can harm this at times, it is worth reminding ourselves of this. The same way a puppy is reminded of the horrors of nature when a lightning strikes. No matter how gentle and loving and caring the owner may be, under the dining table is the safest place to be.

Looking deep into one’s own eyes seems as an impossible challenge. However, staring into the mirror, centimeters away, one comes to be reminded of how beautiful nature is. The details lying in our face are to be cherished by all means. Hours one could spend and still leave out components of what seems to be the most appealing part of the human body. Simply by glaring at the reflection of your most apparant feature, you will be reminded of the importance of solitude. Even momentarily, it is worth to be served every day, each day and in all days.

The night sky is calm. Things are about to be changed. There is plenty of rain and wind to be dealt with. Rains flooding pavements, winds throwing bycicles off bridges. These nights are cherished with absolute respect and gratitude. Thanks to them, the sea is still inviting. The mighty sea.

For each moment to last an eternity, simply living them should be enough. And how easy it has come to be for life to be lived.


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