A Book Has Me


the adventure_ByMojebory

A quick note … I’ve been working for the past week or two on putting the final touches on a slim book of poetry. The first of what I expect will be 3-4.

I’m self-publishing using the “Create Space” platform. (If anyone has a horror story to share before I pull the trigger and spend actual dollars, please PM me or email hemmngplay@gmail.com.)

This is the first poetry book, so it’s tedious. I only want to run away from home once in a while now.

But I’m almost there. Formatting and final edits this weekend, and I should be ready to do the final phases of ISBN purchasing, cover design and distribution and marketing setup  next week.

The working title is “I Come From  A Place of Fireflies,” and will be about 100 pages long. It will be offered via Amazon for a nominal fee.

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